Alex Hannaford

Alex Hannaford


Lost in Austin

A long-time Austinite and journalist’s exploration of the profound movements that have shaped Austin, Texas—charting the shifts within its vibrant music scene, the impact of rapid urbanization, and the challenges of gentrification—ultimately questioning what this city’s transformation signals for American urban identity.

Last of the Rock Romantics

“A must for anyone obsessed with rock and fashion’s premier on-off couple.”  —Elle
“Here’s his life to date laid bare and examined in a compelling biography that’ll make you jealous that you never had what it takes—and glad that you didn’t!” —Sunday Sport
In the mid-2000s, the life of Pete Doherty, singer with The Libertines, became something of a rock ‘n’ roll soap opera — drugs, partying, a relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, was daily tabloid fodder. At once enigmatic, charismatic and thoroughly entertaining, Doherty and his larger-than-life personality is laid bare in this compelling biography.