Alex Hannaford

Alex Hannaford

The great excavation lay far from the plaza

Far from the plaza and in an untenanted portion of the great dead city I had little trouble in reaching

Then going through some small strange motions

A moderate incline runs towards the foot of Maybury Hill, and down this we clattered. Once the lightning had begun,

Two long weeks I wandered

Through two long weeks I wandered, stumbling through the nights guided only by the stars and hiding during the days

At daybreak of the fifteenth day of my search

When the amphitheater had cleared I crept stealthily to the top and as the great excavation lay far from the

Fired? Here’s how to handle it in a job interview

I can compare it to nothing but a large door mat, ornamented at the edges with little tinkling tags.

Republicans move to protect Trump from 2024 primary challenge

By the light of the now brilliant moons I saw that he was but a shadow of his former self,


What I learned about the US death penalty from the next man to be executed

The Observer

This week Ivan Cantu faces execution in Texas for murder. I’ve known him for 20 years and felt the trauma when prisoners die

The Eagle Never Sleeps

Stranger's Guide

The fire started in a disused apartment in the back of the old stone building sometime after midnight in Whitesburg, Kentucky, August 1, 1974.

Jamal Khashoggi’s widow on their life and his death

Observer magazine

Hanan Elatr fled to America after the Saudi journalist’s murder in Istanbul and wants to speak out on his behalf


What happened when a Welshman with a need for speed tried to break the Cannonball Run record

Sunday Times magazine

The Cannonball Run is an illegal, 3,000-mile race across America. What happened when a Welshman with a need for speed tried to break the record?

Does it Matter How a Condemned Man Dies?

(British) GQ magazine

The drug used for executions in the US on death row – sodium thiopental – has run out. The story of what replaced it is as alarming as it is horrific. 

My Journey Along the Wall

Sunday Times magazine

It was a central plank of Donald Trump’s election campaign: to build “a big, fat, beautiful wall” 1,000 miles long to combat illegal migration from Mexico.

Missing in the US desert: finding the migrants dying on the trail north

Observer magazine

Last year, 322 deaths were recorded along the US border with Mexico. The real number could be a lot higher. Alex Hannaford joins volunteers searching for the lost

A dirty, rotten, double crossing (true) story of what happened to the Italian American mob

(British) GQ magazine

GQ flew to New York to find out what the Mafia has been doing in the shadows

We asked 12 mass killers: 'What would have stopped you?'

(British) GQ magazine

In America today, mass shootings remain the most terrible metric that distinguishes the country from the rest of the world. 

The Great Escapee


During his reign as America’s most prolific conman Steven Russell posed as a judge, FBI agent, and CEO and escaped from jail an incredible five times. Alex Hannaford visited the jail where he’s serving a 144-year sentence

Inside Guantanamo


The armchairs have manacles, dinner is served via tube and there is a detention section so guarded its location is still top secret. Esquire becomes the first UK magazine to go inside the most notorious prison in the world

Life and Art in the "Slums" of Bariga

Stranger's Guide

Meeting the youth and arts groups in one of Lagos, Nigeria’s largest slums